Forensic Services

Dr. Lafosse works with both plaintiff and defense attorneys in personal injury cases, which usually involve traumatic brain injury (TBI).
Other forensic services include:
•  Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)
•  Guardianship / Capacity evaluations
•  Fitness for duty evaluations
•  Medical record reviews
•  Case consultation
Dr. Lafosse has two unique characteristics that make him particularly effective in a litigation context.  First, as someone who teaches courses in both psychology and neuroscience, he has a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the neuroscientific issues that arise than a typical neuropsychologist whose background is primarily rooted in the discipline of psychology.  Dr. Lafosse can, therefore, more effectively address and incorporate these matters into the legal case.  Second, as a university professor, he is a skilled communicator who can explain things clearly and understandably to a jury.  For an example of Dr. Lafosse’s communication skills, listen to his interview on a show related to the development of Alzheimer’s disease in the Latino population, which aired on Colorado Public Radio. Click here, then on the word LISTEN under the picture of Lesley McClurg.