Clinical Services

Dr. Lafosse performs neuropsychological evaluations of adults with traumatic brain injury and a wide range of neurological disorders. His clinical services include:
•​  Insurance or self-pay evaluations
•​  Workers’ compensation evaluations
•  Disability evaluations
•  FAA evaluations
• ​ Physician and nurse competency assessments
•​  Fitness for duty evaluations
•​  Intracarotid amobarbital (Wada) procedure for epilepsy
• ​ Pre-neurosurgical neuropsychological evaluations for epilepsy
•​  Pre-neurosurgical neuropsychological evaluations for DBS
• ​ Sports concussion consultations
Dr. Lafosse is also a former NCAA Division I soccer player at Loyola Marymount University, and has served as the team neuropsychologist for the Regis University men’s and women’s soccer teams.  Thus, he has an athlete’s and a health care professional’s understanding of the complex issues involved in sports concussion.
Examples of conditions commonly seen:
•​  Brain injury
• ​ Memory loss
•​  Mild Cognitive Impairment
•​  Alzheimer’s disease
•​  Stroke
•​  Frontotemporal dementia
• ​ Parkinson’s disease
• ​ Epilepsy
• ​ Brain tumors
•​  Multiple sclerosis